All natural energy drink , made from brown rice. Provides all the benefits of wholegrains in an easy to drink format.

Chek Hup

Delicious White coffee straight from the renowned Ipoh Malaysia. All natural and blended with rock sugar.


A family of healthy biscuits for you to enjoy. Discover the benefits of Sugar free, high in fiber and gluten-free snacks.

DURU Bulgur

Made from Durum wheat, rich in vitamins and minerals and a healthier substitute to rice.


Truffles are normally used as garnishes and provide additional flavor to various dishes like a simple scrambled egg to a more elaborate truffle pasta and steaks as well as desserts like panna cotta.

Fruit Me Up

Fruit Me Up is single serve all natural blended fruit puree, that is a nutritious and health snack for your kid. It's full of Vitamin C and fiber that is conveniently packed and can be eaten any time of the day.

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